Adam & Eve - In A World without Apples
Present day Adam & Eve need an Apple to commit the 1st sin. But the world has run out of Apples, now what? In desperation they get mixed up in an Illegal Fruit racket run by the Snake, Mr. Viper.
Can they get the Apple in time?

Adam & Eve - In a World without Apples


Made in 48hours for the 48hr Film Project

Rules for this years 48hr Filmmaking Contest.

  1. Must use an ORANGE as a prop
  2. Must use a CARPENTER called Van Saskia
  3. Must use the dialog "I can't believe you said that" verbatim

The Genre assigned to us was 'Fantasy'. We had to conceptualize a story, write, storyboard, cast, rehearse, s-h-o-o-t, edit, score and then cut a DVD within the allotted 48hrs - we even found a few hours to sleep. We finished with barely 10minutes to spare!

Dir: Ram Ganesh
Producer: Viral Mehta, Lincoln Uyeda
Assistant Director/DOP: Vinayak Suley

[ R - Rated for Strong Language ] - 6mins - 1080p HD Video
Editor: Sanjeev TandleRam Ganesh
DOP: Siddhartha Saha, Amar Ramesh
Writer: Subbudu ,   Ram Ganesh